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Dear Future Self #NationalCPDay

"When you think you can't, revisit a previous triumph" - Jack Canfield Life with Cerebral Palsy isn't always easy and some days it gets a bit much, I hope by writing this it will show I'm human, I struggle but I also triumph. N.B. I know its meant to be a blog and this is an essay :) Sue me! This is a reflection of my experiences. I am sharing them in the hope that parents of children with CP will gain a greater insight into what their child might go through at some point. For everyone reading with CP I think a lot of this will resonate with you, some of it will touch you, some of it will make you laugh. (For anyone reading without CP this might provide some insight) P.S. I will no doubt ram

The sad truth behind the final score...

On Wednesday the 21st March one of the biggest events in the university calendar occurred - Varsity (university competition where two localish uni's play each other at different sports). As a Brunel student this means we play St Mary's University. For the 2nd time in Varsity history Wheelchair Basketball featured - surely an Amazing thing no? Well there are a number of reasons why for me this wasn't a special occasion, and I think some of them are representative of whats happening nationally in the University sector in relation to disability sport and disability provision. Last year myself and others fought hard for Wheelchair Basketball to be included in Varsity - (there are no disability s


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